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What’s Next For Firearms’ Owners

Here’s what worries me about the government – state and federal – consciously trying to reduce gun crimes.

Granted, some of President Obama’s proposals have merit and should be seriously debated by Congress.

I don’t know of any hunters who take semi-automatic rifles afield in pursuit of prey.

But, what’s coming next?

Despite the flurry of proposed federal legislation, the president’s use of executive orders, and the New York governor’s quick-on-the-trigger enactment of what he claims are the toughest gun laws in the nation, there’s bound to be another deranged individual who will commit murder and mayhem with a weapon, whether it be legal or illegal.

Then, we will hear more cries for more restrictions from the liberal media, and the politicans’ knees will jerk and more laws will be floated slowly but surely limiting gun ownership.

And, where will it stop?

One of the more inane proposals currentlty being floated is to put armed guards in schools. A better solution would be to secure doors, windows and require identification for anyone wanting entrance for a legitimate purpose. 

If anyone wants to measure the level of media frenzy for the government’s control of firearms, look no further than The New York Times multitude of articles in that vein. Its’ December 19, 2012 editions featured a front page article labeling white Republicans more likely than white Democrats to own guns. Note the key word is “likely.” 

About 25 or more years ago, I went to a ”gun and knife show” at the state fairgrounds where most of the firearms were antiques and the attendees were collectors.

Fast forward to November 2012 and another such event at the same location and the crowd was overwhelming, but more significantly were the numbers of new handguns and semi-automatic rifles for sale. The aisles were packed with people, there were tables after table of firearms and booths displaying all sizes of ammunition. That was in one building, and I never got into the other two buildings after three hours of looking, not buying.

But, there were plenty of people purchasing guns and ammo, all with no background checks.

I asked one vendor what he attributed the crowds to. ”Obama,” he said.

As a qualifier, I was a waterfowl hunter for 50 plus years until I could no longer wake before dawn, slosh through swamps and streams in mind-numbing temperatures to sit and wait for wildfowl. As an old Illinois River duck hunter explained why he had quit, ”I lost my kill.” A few years ago I understood him.

Most of my firearms are antiquated hand-me-downs from my father who were willed to him by his father, and could be deemed as collectors’ items. I own two antique Colt handguns – vintage 1849 and 1894. I have an Indiana license to carry a handgun should the occasion arise when transporting a handgun outside of my domicile.

As long as I follow the state and federal laws of owning a handgun, rifle or shotgun, it is repugnant to me that I would be required to register my firearms with anyone but my insurance agent, and even that’s worrisome.


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