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Penn State + Notre Dame = Cover-ups

Has anyone considered the similarity between the scandal which rocked Penn State and the current hoax involving a Notre Dame linebacker and his fake dead girlfriend?

It’s all about big-time athletic teams, anchored by profitable football programs and cover-ups to preserve the face of the schools regardless of the bodies left in the wake.

The Penn State fiasco brought down its preeminent coach Joe Paterno and the university’s president and athletic director, not to mention the conviction of the perp, Jerry Sandusky.

What was one of the more egregious facts that came out of that smarmy story was that certain Penn State personel knew of Sandusky’s lust for young boys and turned a blind eye for years.

Now, we have the South Bend feel-good story gone south.

And, I’d bet season tickets that if Deadspin.com hadn’t broken the story, the Damers would still be in denial.

A whole host of coaches, mentors and priests were privy to the saga of the Irish star linebacker Manti Te’o and his online relationship with a girl named Lennay Kekua. The Fightin’ Irish media machine cranked-out story of her supposed death and Te’o’s resolve to play on, all to promote the football team’s undefeated season and its’ upcoming championship bowl game with Alabama. 

Three weeks later, Dec. 26 Te’o smelled something fishy, and it wasn’t even Friday, and he confessed to his coach his dead girlfriend wasn’t dead. The coach alerted higher-ups and the school hired private investigators to check out the inconsistancies.

The story was even under wraps at media day Jan. 5 before the BCS bowl game in Miami.

Then along came the Web site Deadspin, and now Notre Dame is throwing their Heisman hope to the dogs.

At first, the university’s athletic director Jack Swarbrick, a onetime Indianapolis poohbah, held a press conference and tearfully claimed the school’s investigation showed Te’o was the victim of a hoax.

But now, as the media hounds smell blood, good old Jack wants Te’o to take the heat of the klieg lights and face the music and talk publicly.

The Golden Dome is beginning to get a little tarnished.


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