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An Ulmer Coup Exposed

One of the latest attempted coups by Zionsville Town councilor Candace Ulmer was shot down a week ago (Jan. 25) during an executive session when she tried to get Town Manager Ed Mitro fired.

With the new administration only a month old, Ulmer, with council cohorts Susana Suarez and Elizabeth Hopper, had successfully stymied former Council President Tim Haak’s bid for vice president.

At the executive session last Friday morning, Mitro was asked to leave the meeting, and then Ulmer announced she wanted to discuss his continued employment.


State law requires the topic of an executive sessios be stated on the meeting notice; something as innocuous as personnel matters would have sufficed to discuss an employe’s employment, but Ulmer apparently forgot this small item until it was called to her attention.

But, that didn’t deter a discussion among councilors of reasons why Ulmer wanted Mitro gone.  

It’s no secret that Mitro has put the skids on Ulmer’s attempts to skirt his authority, which has drawn her ire.

Other than that, Ulmer had no concrete objections to Mitro’s work.

She was reminded that at the end of each year, town department heads are subject to an annual job evaluation to determine if goals and objectives have been met. Mitro schedules appointments with each employee and then writes a report.

If a department head continues to fall short on job performance, those reports can be the basis for termination.

So, who reviews Mitro? The town council president. But, despite his continued requests for those evaluations, no council president since Dick Crane has found time to review Mitro’s work.

Thus, Councilor Ulmer was reminded that without a sound basis, i.e. job performance evaluations, the council could be in legal hot water to terminate Mitro without just cause.

Ulmer has apparently been emboldened to rattle some council cages since her move to derail Haak’s bid for vice president.

At the start of the new year, the council elects new officers.  Councilors agreed that Jeff Papa would wield the gavel for 2013, and Haak, who has just completed a year as president, would serve as vice-president.

But, Ulmer objected and made veiled innuendoes about Haak’s performance as president and threatened to reveal them.

For whatever reasons, Haak withdrew his name for vice-president and Steve Mundy was the compromise candidate.

Let the cat fights begin.


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One thought on “An Ulmer Coup Exposed

  1. Wendy Brant on said:

    Time to change the kitty litter. Hold your nose ’til 2015!

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